• It has been brought to our attention that a text message-based scam, also known as smishing, is fraudulently claiming to represent toll operators across the country. The scammers are falsely claiming to represent these entities and requesting payment for unpaid tolls. The 66 Express encourages all customers to stay alert to these types of scams; more information can be found here.

Understanding 66 Express Signage

Toll signage on the 66 Express Outside the Beltway is distinct from signage on other express lanes in Northern Virginia.

The 66 Express is 22.5 miles of highway with complex traffic conditions that can vary greatly at different locations. We believe drivers deserve toll prices that are as accurate as possible, and that showing toll prices for the upcoming segment gives drivers flexibility to decide whether to enter or exit the express lanes, than showing toll prices to the farthest destination. That’s why we employ a segmented tolling system.

Prior to any 66 Express entrance or exit, drivers will see overhead signage listing the exits in the upcoming segment(s) of express lanes and their price. That price is the current toll to drive the segment to any of those exits. Prior to the next segment, drivers will see a new sign showing the price to drive the segment to any of the exits listed on that sign. Drivers are charged only for the segment(s) driven prior to exiting the 66 Express.

Our signs are designed to provide drivers with the most accurate real-time toll-rate information, so they can choose to enter and exit the 66 Express at different points along the corridor.

These signs display the current toll-rate for the upcoming segment, helping drivers decide whether to continue or exit the 66 Express.

These signs feature an electronic display showing the current toll rate for the upcoming segment of the 66 Express.