Using the Lanes

How to Use the 66 Express Lanes

Once you are on the 66 Express Lanes Outside the Beltway, navigation is simple.  Before each new tolling segment, you will see a new pricing sign, which will display the next toll segment’s price. Drivers can choose to continue in the express lanes and pay the toll fee for the next segment, or exit the lanes at no extra cost. It is important to note that every user will only pay the toll amount shown at the entry point even if the rate increases during the trip.

If you choose to continue your trip on the 66 Express Lanes, simply keep driving into the next segment and the cost of the next segment will be added to your trip total.

If you choose to exit the 66 Express Lanes, follow the exit signs back into the general highway lanes, and you will only be charged for the segments that you traveled.


Entering the 66 Express Lanes

Highway signs with the current toll pricing are posted well in advance of every 66 Express Lanes entrance.  Toll rates will be higher for larger vehicles.

Once you choose to enter, dedicated entrance ramps will safely guide you into the lanes.

Exiting the 66 Express Lanes

Dedicated 66 Express Lanes exit ramps will guide you back into the general-purpose lanes or other connecting roadways with plenty of time to prepare for the exit.

I-66 Express Exit Sign