• It has been brought to our attention that a text message-based scam, also known as smishing, is fraudulently claiming to represent toll operators across the country. The scammers are falsely claiming to represent these entities and requesting payment for unpaid tolls. The 66 Express encourages all customers to stay alert to these types of scams; more information can be found here.

How to use

Navigation is simple on the 66 Express Outside the Beltway.

Prior to each toll segment, you’ll see electronic signage displaying the upcoming segment’s current rate. Drivers can choose to continue in the express lanes and pay the toll for the next segment, or exit the lanes at no extra cost.

You’ll only pay the amount displayed on the electronic signage, even if the rate increases during the trip. Your total toll equals the sum of the tolls of all segments you enter.


Reading the Signs

It’s important to learn how to read the 66 Express signs and understand pricing before you get on them for the first time. Review our step-by-step tutorial or this short video.  


Know the Entrances and Exits

Familiarize yourself with the entrances and exits needed to reach your destination.  The 66 Express are divided into seperate toll segments with dedicated entrance and exit ramps.  View a map of the 66 Express Outside the Beltway here.

How to Use the 66 Express

How to Use the 66 Express