HOV – Travel Free

Mandated by VDOT policy and enforced by Virginia State Police, HOV3+ rules are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the 66 Express Outside the Beltway. The HOV rules on the 66 Express align with HOV rules on other managed-toll facilities in Northern Virginia.
To qualify for HOV3+ status on the 66 Express and enjoy toll-free travel:

  • drive a non-commercial vehicle (passenger car, SUV, minivan, truck)
  • carry three (3) or more human passengers
  • have an E-ZPass Flex transponder set to HOV-On mode and mounted securely to the upper windshield

Vehicles longer than 18 feet and taller than 7 feet, or with 3 or more axles are not HOV-eligible on the 66 Express.

Do you drive a larger passenger vehicle taller than 7 feet and longer than 18 feet? Are you carrying three or more people? Find out if you’re HOV-eligible by contacting our Customer Service Center.

For easy HOV3+ travel, set up or update your E-ZPass Flex transponder and E-ZPass account. Call 1-877-762-7842 or visit www.EZPassVA.com.
Not sure if you qualify as HOV? Our trained team of Customer Service agents is ready to assist.