Pricing and Toll Segments

The 66 Express Outside the Beltway uses a toll-by-segment, or segmental tolling, system. Basically, the 22.5-mile corridor between Gainesville and I-495 is divided into segments – three eastbound, four westbound. Each segment contains multiple exits covered by a single toll rate.

That toll rate varies depending on current traffic conditions. The roadway’s dynamic tolling system is configured to keep traffic moving in the express lanes at a minimum average of 55 mph while alleviating congestion in the general-purpose lanes of I-66.

Well in advance of the start of a segment, overhead signage indicates the exits along that segment as well as the current toll rate for that segment. Drivers are charged only for the segment(s) driven prior to exiting the 66 Express.

Visit a map of the 66 Express corridor to view tolling segments.