How Dynamic Pricing Works

A More Reliable Driving Experience

The I-66 Express Lanes feature dynamic pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide a faster, more reliable trip.

Dynamic Pricing to Keep Traffic Flowing 24/7

Based on real-time traffic conditions and demand, I-66 Express toll prices will vary periodically throughout the day to move traffic through the corridor at a consistent, more reliable speed. As volumes increase, tolls will rise, and when traffic volumes decrease, toll rates will fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is I-66 Express and how do the express lanes work?

The 66 Express Lanes are two new dynamically-tolled express lanes in each direction along the existing I-66 corridor between I-495/Capital Beltway and Route 29 in Gainesville, VA. The new lanes add additional capacity to the highway to move more people and provide a more reliable travel option to drivers. Toll prices will fluctuate depending on the amount of traffic and the time of day to ensure consistent and reliable travel speed in the express lanes.

Prices will adjust as traffic increases, dropping back down during lighter traffic flow. Signs before and along the 66 Express Lanes corridor will let you know in advance how much you will pay prior to entering any segment of the express lanes.

Toll prices vary by the shape, size and number of axles of the vehicle you drive. For example; passenger vehicles such as cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs pay the same price. Larger vehicles and large trucks will pay a higher toll price.

It is your choice to drive in the 66 Express Lanes and pay the tolls or to drive in the adjacent non-tolled regular lanes.

Will I have to pay a toll to drive to 66 Express Lanes?

You can choose to pay for a faster, more reliable, congestion-free drive on the 66 Express Lanes or you can choose to drive in the adjacent regular lane and not be tolled.

Eligible high occupancy vehicles with an E-ZPass Flex set to “HOV” mode can travel the 66 Express Lanes toll-free.

How do users benefit from the 66 Express Lanes?

All drivers will benefit from the 66 Express Lanes. The express lanes provide users with a choice to access a reliable travel alternative based on their daily schedules and needs. Drivers choosing not to utilize the express lanes will also experience traffic congestion relief thanks to the new capacity added to the highway and other safety improvements made to the I-66 corridor as a result of the Express Lanes project.

What are toll segments and how many segments will the I-66 Express Lanes have?

A toll segment is a section of express lanes between an entrance to and exit from the express lanes.

The 66 Express Lanes will have a total of 23 entrances and 20 exits along the 22.5 mile I-66 corridor from I-495 to Route 29 in Gainesville, giving you convenient access to every destination along the corridor, as well as all points east of I-66 inside the Beltway.

Toll charges are applied when a vehicle enters each tolling segment or continues from one toll segment to the next. A single trip may include more than one toll segment. Given the location of entrances to and exits from the express lanes, you can choose how many segments to use in your trip.

For a look at the different entry and exit points, click HERE.

Who is building the 66 Express Lanes?

The 66 Express Lanes outside the Beltway project was designed, financed and built by I-66 Express Mobility Partners LLC, which was selected by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) after a rigorous, competitive public bidding process. I-66 Express Mobility Partners is responsible for operations and maintenance of the 22.5-mile I-66 Express Lanes from I-495 to Gainesville.

How much has I-66 Express Mobility Partners invested in the 66 Express Lanes project?

I-66 Express Mobility Partners is providing 100% of the financing for the project at no cost to the state of Virginia. The innovative public-private partnership leverages $3.6 billion in private funds to redevelop 22.5 miles of I-66 from I-495 to Gainesville with two express lanes and three general purpose lanes in each direction, make interchange improvements to enhance safety and reduce congestion, construct new and expanded park and ride facilities with 4,000 new parking spaces, provide new and improved transit options, and a construct new shared-use trails along I-66 for pedestrians and cyclists. Throughout the term of the Comprehensive Agreement, I-66 Express Mobility Partners will provide funding for transit operations and other corridor improvements. Operation and maintenance costs of the 66 Express Lanes are also the sole responsibility of I-66 Express Mobility Partners.