Understanding the Signs

The 66 Express Lanes use electronic signage with variable real-time pricing to help manage traffic flow. Before using the 66 Express Lanes, take a moment to learn about the pricing signs and other important signage you will see along the corridor.

Guidance Signing

Along the 66 Express Lanes corridor, you will see notification signs that guide drivers to express lanes entrance points and alert you the route is tolled. These signs are placed well in advance of the express lanes entrances to allow users time to safely prepare for entry into the 66 Express Lanes.

Toll Entrance Signs

As you approach a 66 Express Lanes entrance, you will see directional signs to guide you into the express lanes. These signs will direct you on to the appropriate ramp or into the appropriate lane in order to safely enter the 66 Express Lanes.

Express Lanes Signs

The 66 Express Lanes have signage that will:

  • Direct you to the 66 Express Lanes corridor
  • Guide you into the-66 Express Lanes
  • Display the toll price to use the express lanes

Toll rate signs also indicate that while passenger vehicles such as cars, small trucks, and SUVs pay the same price, larger vehicles and large trucks will pay a higher toll price.

Look for the signs that have a green Express Lanes banner across the top.

Express Lanes Exit Signs

Before an exit, you will see another pricing sign for the next tolling segment. The price is only for drivers continuing in the 66 Express Lanes. You will not incur any additional charges for exiting.

Exit signs will help guide you out of the 66 Express Lanes.

To exit, take the exit ramp.

HOV Signs

If you are an eligible High Occupancy Vehicle and have a valid E–ZPass Flex, you are eligible to use the 66 Express Lanes at no cost.

To ensure you receive your HOV discount, make sure to have your E-ZPass Flex set to HOV ON mode.

For more information about E-ZPass and E-ZPass flex transponders visit the E-ZPass site at. https://www.ezpassva.com/

Prohibited Vehicles

Two-axle vehicles towing trailers are NOT permitted to use the 66 Express Lanes outside the Beltway.

Truck Exit Signs

While certain truck traffic is permitted to use the 66 Express Lanes outside the Beltway, truck traffic is prohibited at all times from using the 495 Express Lanes and I-66 inside the Beltway (east of I-495).  All trucks must exit at or before the I-495 exit. Additionally certain truck traffic is prohibited from exiting the 66 Express Lane onto Vaden Drive in Vienna.