Benefits of Driving the 66 Express

The 66 Express is designed to move you more reliably and efficiently, getting you to the moments that matter most. From I-495 to Route 29 in Gainesville, you will be able to choose to use the 66 Express, the regular non-tolled lanes, or a combination of both depending upon your travel needs.

How can the 66 Express keep you moving?

More Reliable Travel

Not only is the 66 Express easy to use, but you can also expect a consistent and reliable trip with faster, more predictable drive times – even at rush hour. The 66 Express helps you spend more time with family and friends, and less time stuck in traffic.

There’s No Stopping

With all-electronic, cashless tolling, you can just hop into the express lanes. You won’t waste time digging for cash or stopping at toll booths.

Get There With Ease

Sit less and live more with the 66 Express. Cruise to your destination at a reliable speed during rush hour and a maximum speed of 70 mph.

Carpoolers Are Welcome

If you have at least three people in the vehicle, including the driver and passengers, and have an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode, you can ride in the 66 Express for free.